In desperation, Goku uses the Spirit Bomb from energy collected from his teammates. Energy Sphere Haaaa! So why can't this logic work for goku and jiren? Omega can’t even touch Gogeta and 2 big bang kamehameha’s visually exceeds universal spirit bomb. I believe the universal spirit bomb is jiren tier but let’s lowball it to merged zamasu. Jiren manages to overcome the Spirit Bomb, but Goku emerges in a new transformation, Ultra Instinct. Kami vs Piccolo. If they have infinite energy , then why don't they stomp Jiren , or even Zeno ? What Goku used on Jiren was a very weak one if you think about it. Unless Toriyama makes GT canon after they go past the "10 years later" end of DBZ, I have no intentions of revisiting GT and have largely wiped it from memory. 110)=Blue KK Goku (VS Kefla)=SSJ Kefla

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